Manual Coffee Grinder - Conical Ceramic Burr Mill With Extra Ceramic Burr

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PERFECT CHOICE - COFFEE GRINDER MANUAL is a great kitchen tool that every coffee connoisseur needs. Using the adjustable CONICAL BURR MILL you can grind coffee in accordance with your preferences. NO ELECTRICITY OR BATTERIES - You can take STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE GRINDER MANUAL on any trip even the most extreme and enjoy excellent coffee in a dense forest or on the top of a mountain thanks to its sturdy stainless steel casing. INNOVATIVE HANDLE MECHANISM - we took into account all customer suggestions and decided to upgrade our HAND COFFEE GRINDER with a handle-fixation mechanism so that the handle will not break during the whole period of use.


NO MORE PROBLEMS WITH THE BURR - we improved the quality of plastic element inside conical ceramic burr and made it from 100% Nylon. Moreover in case you are lucky enough to break this one we provide you with an additional one FOR FREE.

FREE BONUS - We work for your satisfaction so our MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER is provided with the brush which will help you clean your grinder more effectively.


30 Day Warranty