About Us

The PRC Coffee Company was established by American patriots who love coffee and love America. Significant proceeds from every sale go to support PRC PAC, a Political Action Committee.

This entire Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) movement started as a #1 Bestselling Book, became a grassroots movement, and then organized into a Political Action Committee dedicated to educating Americans and removing Globalist Ruling Class politicians from office.

Made up of everyday Americans from all walks of life, members of PRC PAC make monthly or annual donations (dues). Forcing change in America  - whether it is exposing the Deep State, fighting for election integrity, or campaigning against Globalist RINOs - requires significant funding. PRC PACs members are true patriots that are willing to use their checkbook for what they believe in. 

We at PRC Coffee Company support them and we hope you will too - either by becoming a dues paying member, or buying coffee.

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